Our financial planning process is built from one simple principle: getting to know you and your unique financial circumstances before making any recommendations. So, how does the advice process work?
1. First Meeting
During our first meeting, we’ll sit down with you to take a look at your current financial situation and your future goals. Everybody is different, which is why we take the time to look at your big picture when creating a financial plan that’ll help you meet your goals. At Be Ready Financial Planning, we’ll present you with our Financial Service Guide (FSG) and our Adviser Profile where it will outline how we work, background information and fees structure. We want you to feel confident when talking about your finances, which is why we value connecting with you first to understand your needs better. This is why we offer a free-of-charge consultation where we take the first steps getting to know each other.
Throughout our second meeting, we’ll create an appropriate plan for your financial circumstances and goals. Financial advice is more than numbers, income, super, mortgages and assets. It’s about creating a clear understanding of the life you’d like to lead, the wealth and peace of mind you want to create and having appropriate advice can help make that happen.

It’s important to note that no advice is given during this stage. The purpose of this meeting is to explain the key areas that should be addressed and the potential benefits that can be achieved through our advice.

During this meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any changes since our first meeting, and we will reconfirm your financial details and objectives.
Once your plan ticks all of your boxes, we’ll present you with your Statement of Advice and provide you with Product Disclosure Statements for the recommended investments.

We’ll present and explain in detail your financial plan tailored to your specific needs, outlining clear strategies that aim to help you reach your goals. The Statement of Advice will include the advice, the basis on which it is given, details of your financial plan, products, comparisons, projections, risks and any fees and commission.

We’ll have the opportunity to discuss future considerations and assist you in making formal decisions and answer any questions you may have.

Where applicable, our policy is to conduct reviews of your Statement of Advice as per our Ongoing Service Agreement.

Throughout our reviews, we’ll discuss any changes to legislation, economic and market events and how they may impact your financial goals and we’ll recommend any changes to your plan to help you stay on the best path.

At Be Ready Financial Planning, we’re focused on providing ongoing support, so you’ll never have to lie awake at night worrying about your financial world. Our reviews help to ensure you’re on track to create your dream financial future.

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